C# Bulk Operations BulkInsert, BulkDelete, BulkUpdate, BulkMerge, and more!

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// Easy to use
var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection);

// Easy to customize
var bulk = new BulkOperation<Customer>(connection);
bulk.BatchSize = 1000;
bulk.ColumnInputExpression = c => new { c.Name,  c.FirstName };
bulk.ColumnOutputExpression = c => c.CustomerID;
bulk.ColumnPrimaryKeyExpression = c => c.Code;

What's Bulk Operations?

Overcome SqlBulkCopy limitations by adding high-performance bulk operations: BulkInsert, BulkUpdate, BulkDelete, BulkMerge, and more.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do!
You can extend your trial for several months by downloading the latest version at the beginning of every month.


Where can I find online examples?

Online examples are now available!

Online Examples

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Output Identity Value

Overcome SqlBulkCopy limitations and use flexible features to output inserted identity and concurrency column values.

Bulk Operations - Output Identity Example
var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection)

// Output newly inserted identity value after an insert
bulk.ColumnMappings.Add("CustomerID", ColumnMappingDirectionType.Output);


Try it

Insert, Update, Delete, Merge and more...

Bulk Operations is not only about inserting, get more capability over SqlBulkCopy.

  • BulkInsert
  • BulkUpdate
  • BulkDelete
  • BulkMerge (Upsert)
  • BulkSaveChanges
  • BulkSynchronize
Bulk Operations - Methods Example
// Support all type of operations
var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection);

Generic List<> as DataSource

Improve code maintainability by using strongly-typed lambda expression over hard coded string.

  • Use Bulk Operations with Generic List<>
  • Use Bulk Operations with Expando Object
  • Use Lambda Expression for mapping
Bulk Operations - Entity Example
var bulk= new BulkOperation<Customer>(connection);
bulk.DestinationTableName = "Customer";

// Column Columns to Input
bulk.ColumnInputExpression = c => new { c.Code, c.Name };

// Choose Columns to Output
bulk.ColumnOutputExpression = c => c.CustomerID;

// Choose Key to Use
bulk.ColumnPrimaryKeyExpression = c => c.Code;


Bulk Operations from LINQ Query

Perform bulk operations from LINQ Query without loading entities in memory.

  • DeleteFromQuery
  • UpdateFromQuery
Bulk Operations - Batch Delete & Update Example
var bulk = new BulkOperation<Customer>(connection);

// DELETE all customers inactive for more than 2 years
    c => c.Where(x => x.LastLogin < DateTime.Now.AddYears(-2)));

// UPDATE all customers inactive for more than 2 years
    c => c.Where(x => x.Active && x.LastLogin < DateTime.Now.AddYears(-2)),
    c => new Customer {Active = false});

AutoMap with Case Insensitive

Sick of not being able to map column because of case sensitivity issue? Use flexible features to customize configuration

  • Auditing
  • Batch Size
  • Case Sensitivity
  • Logging
Bulk Operations - Case Insensitive Example
var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection);
bulk.CaseSensitive = CaseSensitiveType.Insensitive;
bulk.ColumnMappings.Add("cOdE", "Code");