.NET Bulk Operations Bulk Methods


The .NET Bulk Operations library allows you to perform all operations in your database.

Name Description
BulkInsert Execute an INSERT operation.
BulkUpdate Execute an UPDATE operation.
BulkDelete Execute a DELETE operation.
BulkMerge Execute a MERGE/UPSERT operation. UPDATE existing rows matching the key, and INSERT new rows.
BulkSaveChanges Execute an INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operation using the DataRowState of the DataTable.
BulkSynchronize Execute a SYNCHRONIZE operation. UPDATE existing rows matching the key, INSERT new rows and DELETE records from the destination not existing in the source.


var dt = new DataTable();
// ...seed...

var bulk = new BulkOperation(connection);

// Easy to customize
bulk.BatchSize = 1000;

// Easy to use

Performance Benchmark

Operations 1,000 Rows 10,000 Rows 100,000 Rows 1,000,000 Rows
BulkInsert 6 ms 25 ms 200 ms 2,000 ms
BulkUpdate 50 ms 80 ms 575 ms 6,500 ms
BulkDelete 45 ms 70 ms 625 ms 6,800 ms
BulkMerge 65 ms 160 ms 1200 ms 12,000 ms